This is Bob Wills Ranch House from his Triple B Ranch in Fresno, California. Bob and Betty lived in the house during the 1940s. In the book, San Antonio Rose, Betty said it was the place "Bob wanted to retire".  In the spring of 2013, the house made the news. A local developer was given a demolition permit to tear it down. Fortunately, the Fresno Historic Preservation Commission stepped in and said NO! After some media attention, the developer decided to offer Bob's house to be sold for $1.00  That's right. 1 buck and history could be saved. After many offers and months of work, the house became ours. We moved the house to a 20 acre ranch in Prather, California (Fresno County).

We are in the process of restoring and opening the house as a museum of Western Swing, featuring the life, music and influence of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. 

Thank you to Bob Wills Heritage Foundation, Fresno Arts Council, Fresno Historic Preservation Commission, Heritage Fresno, Fresno Historical Society, and all the Bob Wills Fans.



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Notice in the older pictures that the porch was added some time later. The youngest child in the picture is Carolyn Wills, who currently serves as the president of the Bob Wills Heritage Foundation.

There were also additions made on to the back side of the house. We'll be keeping the porch, but the sides will be restored to the original design.

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